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Advanced Adjustment System

The Advanced Adjustment System gives the user superior control in rationing feed. This design is unique to Advantage Feeders. The feed ration can easily be adjusted while the feeder is full of grain.

Stock are required to lick feed from the outflow groove between the 2 adjusters. Research has shown that the stock lick for 5-10 minutes and then graze where the feeder is used in a supplement situation.

The licking period is limited because the livestock use the saliva from their tongue to access feed from within the groove – this decreases with progressive licks


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Cradle Hay Feeder loading Method

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  • "Advantage Feeders' NGF feeders give me the ability to feed controlled rations to my stud stock. I have been very impressed with the service and follow up I have received. Picking up my feeders in flat-packs was very convenient and economical."

    Andrew Moore, Lucrana Simmentals, Texas QLD

  • "We use Advantage Feeders all year round and find they are the perfect way to fill the seasonal shortfalls in nutrition. Whether it be protein in dry times or energy while wet or a boost to freshly weaned stock. Advantage Feeders are simple to adjust to suit any conditions and have made our job easier."

    Grain and meal feeder Geoff Patrick, Gossamer Down White Dorpers, Gwabegar NSW

  • "Advantage Feeders' have allowed me to reduce my labour inputs while increasing my production from my ewes. The information and service provided has been exceptionally good."

    Grain and meal feeder Adrian Veitch, Kaya Dorper Stud, Narrogin WA

  • "Advantage Grain Feeders have been excellent for us – we can't afford for our sheep to over-consume or to have the ewes mis-mothering. We now don't need to feed as much hay, and because Advantage Feeders holds such a large volume of grain, we save a lot of time. The best thing about the feeders is that there is no waste."

    Grain and meal feeder Michael Heath, Coomunga Dorper Stud, Port Lincoln SA

  • "We purchased Advantage Sheep Feeders and Cradle Hay Feeders in 2008. Since then we have found that feeding lambing ewes is far less chaotic - they hardly even look at us now when we fill the feeders. The dual adjustment system means that sheep can be weaned onto a safe ration of grain and then opened to feed the amount we want. Other benefits include no waste, and a large volume means they don't need to be filled as often. I wish we had purchased them a few years earlier."

    Grain and meal feeder Ben Ranford, Cleve SA

  • "We purchased Advantage Sheep Feeders and Cradle Hay Feeders in 2008. Since then we have found that feeding lambing ewes is far less chaotic - they hardly even look at us now when we fill the feeders. The dual adjustment system means that sheep can be weaned onto a safe ration of grain and then opened to feed the amount we want. Other benefits include no waste, and a large volume means they don't need to be filled as often. I wish we had purchased them a few years earlier."

    Grain and meal feeder Bill Flint, Narembeen WA

  • "The stud purchased 12 Advantage Feeders to reduce the amount of time spent trail feeding and to provide constant access for sheep to supplementary feed rather than trail feeding every other day. Initially we found it difficult to believe that sheep could access grain through such a restricted outlet. However, after monitoring grain usage over the first couple of weeks, it was clear that the feeders were indeed capable of controlling the consumption of grain at a predetermined rate. A further 14 feeders were purchased to provide enough feeders in paddock so they only require filling about once per month. Each month the sheep are condition scored and the feed rate adjusted to suit their supplementary feeding needs. Once set up, it's too easy."

    Grain and meal feeder Harry Wilson, Serena Park Superfine Poll, Merinos WA

  • "From my experience, Advantage Feeders can provide labour-saving delivery of supplements for efficient nutritional management of sheep and cattle."

    Grain and meal feeder Dr John Milton, Independent Lab Services WA

  • Grain and meal feeder Cameron White, Nepowie Stud WA

    "Advantage Feeders have changed the way we run our sheep. We are able to set the feeders up for exactly what the sheep require and know they are getting the correct rations for two to three weeks at a time, while getting on with other seasonal jobs like seeding and harvest. The feeders have also stopped the wastage involved with trail feeding and contamination in our grain crops"

  • "I think the Advantage Feeders products are exciting and revolutionary. I have all my ewes running on them. I value having the peace of mind knowing that our ewes are constantly accessing a safe feed source with low labour requirement."

    Grain and meal feeder Michael Page, Pingelly WA

  • "We breed stud Boer goats and mainly feed weanlings on. As smaller operators we previously fed pellets out daily into troughs. But as the goats get bigger and pushier it becomes difficult to feed this way. There were also issues with waste as the goats would stand in the troughs and any rain would also spoil the expensive feed.

    Since getting the Advantage Feeders all of the above problems have been resolved. The pellets stay dry in all weather, the goats cannot climb into the feeders and we are not tied to a difficult daily chore. Also with these feeders it is easy to adjust the amount of feed that the goats get so they do not overeat. Great feeders!"

    Grain and meal feeder Bev Szolkowski, Southland Boer Goat Stud WA

  • "We can see a lot of potential with the Advantage Feeder feeding a pure lupin ration to keep a protein source available while utilising stubbles and dry feed."

    Grain and meal feeder Perry Corker, Hiview Merinos, Boyup Brook WA

  • "We use Advantage Feeders in our prime lamb production business in two different ways. Firstly, they are used to back-ground lambs, then we incrementally increase the quantity of feed output (by way of a simple adjustment on the feeders) up to ad-lib feeding of grain. Secondly, we use them to supplementary feed our lambing ewe flocks. These feeders are an ideal size and they minimise the need to use a trailer feeder – therefore our sheep are much more settled."

    Grain and meal feeder Peter and Wendy Bessell-Browne, Woodanilling WA

  • Grain and meal feeder Kim and Colleen Parson, Kintail Park, Jerramungup WA

    "The regulation system on our Advantage Feeders has meant that we know our sheep are getting the right amount of nutrition. This year we plan to increase the lambing percentage in our twin bearing ewes by placing Advantage Feeders with them to reduce mis-mothering associated with trail feeding."

  • "I had several other self-feeders before I bought some Advantage Feeders Sheep Feeders and only used them for finishing lambs. With the double adjustment system of my new feeders I can also put them with my ewes and make them work like hell just to get a bit when they are on dry feed."

    Grain and meal feeder Noel Cocking, Kerang VIC

  • "I am running around 4000 ewes in drought times. I wanted to feed the sheep faba beans and thought the feeders were a good way to regulate the supply over weeks with no need to go out every few days. I found they work well with the sheep not using them when other feed is available, and starting again when they are short of feed. At the moment (5/08) a 46 bag feeder full of faba beans is lasting 600 ewes around two weeks (was one month) I got rid of the seconds from seed cleaning no effort this year! The lick-feeding design of the troughs work very well. The sheep have kept condition and I am hoping they keep their lambs better as feed is scarce."

    Grain and meal feeder Geoff Parker, Balranald NSW

  • "I chose Advantage Feeders because they were the best value for the size and the adjustment system was the most advanced going around. The functioning of the lid makes checking the feeding outflow easy. We bought 8 of them in flat-pack form and they were straight forward to assemble with the manual."

    Grain and meal feeder Scott Barr, Skipton VIC

  • "My Advantage Feeders Grain Feeder is a key component of my lamb finishing system:
    - it's big enough to not need frequent filling;
    - there is minimal waste;
    - I can easily see how much feed has been eaten and relate that to measured weight gain by viewing the volume scales.

    Plus they're good people to deal with."

    Grain and meal feeder Graham Holdaway, Gisborne VIC

  • "Over the past few years I had been feeding my ewes 3 times a week for 5 months of the year. My Advantage Feeders Grain Feeders allow me save this expense. They also give me the flexibility of putting stock in containment areas without the down-side of feeding them daily due to the lick restriction of the dual adjustment system."

    Grain and meal feeder Mick Cameron, Bet Bet VIC

  • "Since I started using Advantage Feeders Cradle Hay Feeders for my cattle, I have had absolutely no problems with them.

    The great design makes them easy to assemble, light to use and allows full use of each bale of hay.

    I have previously used other feeders that were heavy and didn't allow small animals to get to the last 30% of the bale. Thus they suffered structural damage from animals big and small pushing them to get to the last bit of the hay.

    I believe your feeders have reduced the wastage of hay by at least 50% compared to feeding out on the ground and 25% compared to the feeders I have previously used."

    Tray Hay Feeder John Wood, Los Alamos, Beverley WA

  • "Feeding hay was frustrating because my cattle used to lay in it and more. Now I can contain the hay I feel confident in feeding larger quantities as they can't ruin it. Also, I find feeding easier as I can just cut the strings or wrap and just roll the bale in the feeder from my trailer."

    Tray Hay Feeder Ken Broman, Knowsley VIC

  • "I previously fed hay to my sheep on the ground and always wasted a large percentage of it. Now I have an Advantage Feeders Cradle Hay Feeder I hardly lose any and that's important at the current price."

    Tray Hay Feeder Andrew Browne, Axedale VIC

  • "I find that using the Cradle Hay Feeders is a great way to supplement my sheep. When feeding hay, I don't have the problem of ewes chasing the ute and leaving their lambs behind."

    Tray Hay Feeder Peter McRobert, Toolleen VIC

  • "The Advantage hay feeders minimise the waste of our hay and straw. The sheep can choose when they want the roughage and this takes the guess work out of how much they need and therefore increases production. Making use of low value roughage such as straw in the feeders is very cost effective in these dry times."

    Tray Hay Feeder Allan Harris, Koolevale Merino Stud, Costafield VIC

  • "I have found the Tray Hay Feeders delivered in flat-pack, cheap to transport, easy to construct and of solid material. They restrict waste and we are very pleased with them."

    Tray Hay Feeder Charlie Frith, Glen Arden Pastoral Co., Barrow Creek NT and Roma QLD

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