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Other than all the expected product information, our brochures also contain information on how the systems maximise rumen performance and decrease pasture consumption.


  • All the features of the newly released Heavy Duty Range
  • How the little and often system increases production
  • What is creep feeding and why its returns are so high
  • An on-farm trial showing great returns
  • Prices and distribution locations



Grain Feeders User Manual

Find out how to get the best out of your feeder by downloading our User Guide

  • Maximising Feeder Use
  • Getting to know your feeder
  • Using the Feeders
  • Recommended stock numbers per feeder
  • Volume scales
  • Managing feed outflow
  • Variables that influence feed intake
  • Using the Adjuster Guard
  • Feed access area
  • Filling your feeder
  • Training stock to the feeder
  • Safely feeding stock
  • Setting the Adjusters
  • Using the Adjuster Guard
  • Calculating feed consumption
  • Calculating feed density
  • Maintaining a clean feed access area
  • Avoiding soil erosion and pugging
  • Shy Feeders
  • Creep Feeding lambs
  • Creep Feeding calves
  • Health Protection
  • Cleaning the Feeders
  • Frequently asked questions
  • Online Videos
  • Consumption Log
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