Increased Lamb Survival


INCREASED LAMB SURVIVAL: Assessing the difference supplementing lambing ewes can make compared to providing no supplement

The issues with trail feeding supplement at lambing has led to some farmers making the decision not to supplement ewes during this period to avoid mismothering. Using Advantage Feeders during lambing can eliminate the issues with mismothering and provide the needed supplement to ewes to help them maintain their condition, thin their colostrum, and increase their milk production. Our research has showed that using Advantage Feeders compared to not supplementing has increased marking rates by 10%.  Click to read these experiment results: Hegarty Experiment, Laidlaw Experiment

Farming operations are complex. The following pros and cons have not been factored into this calculator:

  • If lambs are subsequently creep fed, they will be mostly trained by their mothers getting them accustom and trained to the feeders.
  • It is very common for feeders used in this calculator to be used for other purposes at different times of the year. This reduces the depreciation expense and increases the return on investment.
  • Supplementing ewes in the heightened stress period of lambing and lactation leads to extra wool growth. It also reduces the risk of the tensile strength lowering and devaluing the value of the wool.
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