Pieter Haans

“We are a small family run Suffolk Stud located on the outskirts of Ballarat. We began using Advantage feeders mineral lick attachments 3 yrs ago to assist in time saving and reduce product wastage. The benefits were noticed immediately, once our sheep had access to ad lib minerals it assisted to stimulate feed intake in …

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Geoff Parker

“I am running around 4000 ewes in drought times. I wanted to feed the sheep faba beans and thought the feeders were a good way to regulate the supply over weeks with no need to go out every few days. I found they work well with the sheep not using them when other feed is …

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Noel Cocking

“I had several other self feeders before I bought some Advantage Feeders Sheep Feeders and only used them for finishing lambs. With the double adjustment system of my new feeders I can also put them with my ewes and make them work like hell just to get a bit when they are on dry feed.”

Kim and Colleen Parson

“The regulation system on our Advantage Feeders has meant that we know our sheep are getting the right amount of nutrition. This year we plan to increase the lambing percentage in our twin bearing ewes by placing Advantage Feeders with them to reduce mis-mothering associated with trail feeding.”

Peter and Wendy Bessell-Browne

“We use Advantage Feeders in our prime lamb production business in two different ways. Firstly they are used to back-ground lambs then we incrementally increase the quantity of feed output (by way of a simple adjustment on the feeders) up to ad lib feeding of grain. Secondly we use them to supplementary feed our lambing …

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Cameron White Nepowie Stud WA

“Advantage Feeders have changed the way we run our sheep. We are able to set the feeders up for exactly what the sheep require and know they are getting the correct rations for two to three weeks at a time while getting on with other seasonal jobs like seeding and harvest. The feeders have also …

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